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Omniview for Residents/Families

Omnicare has developed a secure web portal to help assisted living residents and their family members to gain access to important health care information.

MyOmniview is a unique website, designed specifically for residents or their responsible parties to:

Ask a Pharmacist
With MyOmniview, answers to questions concerning drug interactions, billing cycles, medication side effects or anything related to your pharmacy and health care needs are just a quick email away, with answers in 24 hours.

Receive and Pay Bills
MyOmniview's eBill is the paperless solution for receiving, paying and keeping track of your pharmacy bills. Fully secure and confidential, eBill is a real time saver that stores up to 18 months of billing history.

Maintain and Print Health Records
This feature allows individuals, and/or their family members to quickly review all medication dosages and prescription numbers. Print functions allow users to take information to meetings with doctors, or specialists, or have them available when being transported or admitted to a different facility.

Access Reference Libraries
MyOmniview provides instant access to a comprehensive set of searchable and printable reference libraries, including:

  • Drug Information - This library includes printable documents covering specific medications, information on drug uses, interactions and side effects.
  • Wellness Center - This section offers tips and insights and self assessment tools to maintain a healthy lifestyle and stay fit.
  • Beneficiary Center - Access a wealth of information regarding Medicare Part D, Medicare Part B, Medicare Part A, dual Medicare and Medicaid benefits, and low-income subsidy.

Communicate Through the Message Center
Open channels of communication are critical for receiving and sharing information. All system-generated notifications and messages will appear and be stored here.

MyOmniview is provided to residents of communities utilizing Omnicare Pharmacy Services as part of our standard offering.If you or a loved one is residing in a facility utilizing Omnicare, contact your Executive Director for more information on MyOmniview.


Omniview for Residents/Families

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