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The Instant Link to Your Pharmacy and More

A web-based work site that gives convenient access to clinical and financial information, Omniview helps maximize efficiency and minimize costs.

Omnicare's Omniview system is the central connection for medication management and more. With programs designed specifically for each function within long term care, Omniview makes it easy to capture data and view it effectively in a secure, web-based environment.

Care staff can make or cancel orders, initiate refills, and view the fulfillment status of each resident's medications so there are no questions about which medications are available and when.

Accounting and management can view bills, resolve discrepancies and make payments in real time. Extensive reporting capabilities make Omniview indispensable for decision makers, who can see and analyze trends through a variety of user friendly reports.

Click Here to View Our Omniview BrochureKey functions of Omniview include:

  • Ordering
  • Order Tracking
  • Medicare Part D Claim Resolution
  • Pre-Admission Assessment
  • Billing
  • Payment
  • Census
  • Consultant Reports
  • Physician Prescribing Trends
  • Drug & Formulary Information


Omniview Ties It All Together


  • Order medication with handheld scanners
  • Quickly assess medication needs and costs for incoming residents
  • Resolve Medicare Part D payment disputes online


  • View prescribing and utilization trends
  • Track census automatically and accurately by Payer
  • Auto-assign G/L codes

Residents/Families (MyOmniview)

  • Ask questions of pharmacists
  • Access and print resident medication information
  • Order refills
  • Submit billing questions and pay bills

Omniview makes important communication and decision-making simple and effective.

*Full market release 12/2012


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