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Resident FAQ

What kind of company is Omnicare?
Expertise and 30 years of experience have grown Omnicare into the nation's largest provider of senior care pharmacy services. In close partnership with facilities and communities nationwide, Omnicare has developed a wide range of services that enable staff members to provide better, safer, and more attentive care. We're known as a pharmacy company, but our mission is to enable quality, cost-effective care for seniors.

What additional services does Omnicare provide?
The list of Omnicare's services is long, but here are a few important ones.

  • Delivery of sealed medication packets specially prepared-and rigorously checked-for each resident
  • Consultant pharmacist services are available to review each residents' medications and ensure they are the safest and most cost-effective
  • The availability of web-based tools and resources for medication management that improve quality control, ensure greater patient safety, and free caregivers to provide more direct care to residents
  • Wellness programs that address medication allergies, senior dosing, medication interactions, side effects and contraindications
  • Education and advising for community staff, deepening their understanding of the health issues and dangers that face seniors in specific settings
  • Special programs that coordinate staff education with pharmacy consulting. Preventing falls is one example: Omnicare educates staff, residents, and family members in preventing falls, and may suggest medications with fewer side effects

Does Omnicare accept my insurance?
Omnicare accepts virtually all prescription drug and Medicare Part D plans. Senior health is a priority at Omnicare, and we do all we can to make our expertise available to you.

How does Omnicare provide such individualized service?
Omnicare's extensive experience with geriatric medication management allows us to develop systems to recognize opportunities for more effective medication combinations. Our pharmacists are specialists in understanding the unique needs of seniors and continually look for ways to provide optimal, cost-effective care.

Will I have to pay more for these services?
Omnicare is an excellent value for the peace of mind and added benefits you receive. For 30 years, we've dedicated ourselves to serving the needs of the nation's senior population. Today we serve more than one-million seniors whose needs require a special focus from an attentive staff dedicated to senior care pharmacy. Our unique compliance packaging is designed to ensure the safe and accurate delivery of medications and is clearly labeled to confirm the contents and the appropriate time to take them. Anytime you have a question, our pharmacy consultants are available to provide information and assistance specific to your medication and clinical needs. Overall, Omnicare's unique programs and specialty services form a complete and competitively priced care solution for each resident we proudly serve.


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