Billing and Payment

Reviewing, analyzing and coding pharmacy bills can be a complex and time-consuming process. Omniview simplifies this procedure by granting instant access to billing information.

  • Online access and payment
  • Automatic assignment of G/L codes
  • Adjudicated price validation function
  • Simplified dispute resolution
  • Electronic submission of daily census information
  • Cost and trend analysis

Shrink Your Invoice Stack with Simplified Dispute Resolution

With easy online access to any transaction on a bill, facility staff can validate prices, dispute charges using an automated system, and capture all transactions within the facility's own billing system. Current disputes and related communication are all clearly highlighted, making it easy to track and manage. Omniview helps both the facility and the pharmacy resolve things quickly.

Automatic G/L and Revenue Codes Save Time and Expense

Omniview can be set to automatically assign an individual facility's own General Ledger and revenue codes to pharmacy transactions. This frees both care staff and accounting staff from identifying and cross-referencing drugs and then calculating totals manually. Upload facility Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable transactions as soon as bills are posted on Omniview, and the result is a complete, accurate, and up-to-date view of facility pharmacy transactions.

Electronic Daily Census Reduces Billing Discrepancies

Omniview's simple, practical online interface makes it easy for facility staff - input resident census and payer information daily into the facility's system and Omniview's automated data feed gives the pharmacy's billing department accurate, up-to-the-minute information. Accurate census and medication data means no backtracking for misplaced data or time consuming data entry from handwritten records. By streamlining and automating, Omniview enables the pharmacy to act immediately on payer changes. Payers are billed accurately, and final bills have fewer discrepancies, saving the facility time and money.

Census Management

Daily census updates are essential to help ensure that Omnicare Pharmacy provides quality service and accurate billing. Omniview eases this process for facility staff. Through Omniview's automated census management function, payer and resident status can be accurately updated and instantly provided to the pharmacy, ensuring adjustments are made promptly, medications are provided accurately and payers are billed appropriately.

Omniview's automated daily census interface is virtually mandatory for complex formulary coverage and management of Medicare Part D Prescription Drug benefit. By streamlining and automating the census process, Omniview heightens quality and efficiency for residents and the care team.

eRefill & Medication Orders

A computer with access to the Internet and an inexpensive handheld scanner allow refills to be entered at the point of care, without entering data by hand. Scanners capture accurate prescription information, care staff review and approve the request, and the order is sent automatically to the pharmacy's workflow.

  • Fast eRefill orders with immediate on-screen confirmation
  • No faxing or manual data entry (for routine medications)
  • Track order processing and delivery status
  • Review status of rejected Med D claims

Anytime of night or day, Omniview will provide clear statements about the status of medication orders.


Omniview's Order Status Responses
Refill Request Received The pharmacy is filling this order.
Refill too Soon The order was placed too early. It's being held until it's eligible and will then be refilled.
Invalid Rx Number The pharmacy doesn't recognize the Rx number you've transmitted. You'll need to submit a different number or follow up by phone or no refill will be processed.
Cancelled This order was canceled.
Pharmacy Follow-Up Required There's an issue with this order. You must discuss with the pharmacy to resolve the problem before the order can be filled.
Shipped The order is in the tote and on its way.

Medicare Part D Reject Resolution

Omniview enables care center staff to take action on, and review the status of, rejected Medicare Part D claims through its Reject Resolution Center. Should the pharmacy receive an order that is not covered by the resident's third party payer plan, the pharmacy will enter the reject issue into Omniview and a designated facility staff member will receive an email notification. After logging into Omniview, the facility can choose an appropriate response to address the situation and communicate this to the pharmacy, who will then act at the facility's direction. Omniview designates the coverage issue as resolved once payment authorization has been received from the third party plan, or the facility.

The Reject Resolution Center stores the history of communication between the pharmacy and the facility, and allows the facility to check the progress of the rejected claim as it moves through the system.

Pre-Admission Assessment

Omniview is more than an integral part of care for current residents. It is also an invaluable tool prior to admission of new residents. With Omniview Admissions Preview, facility staff can execute a pre-admission evaluation of prospective residents and create a cost-effective plan for care.

Omniview Admissions Preview allows facility staff to:

  • View "real" pharmacy costs
  • Calculate daily supplies
  • Receive notification of adverse reactions and interactions
  • Identify regulatory information and Federal indicators
  • Reconcile costs with projected reimbursement
  • See highest-cost items
  • Identify therapeutic interchanges and generic substitutions
  • Analyze IV costs over the projected duration of therapy
  • Preview a prospective resident's drug costs in comparison to projected RUGs score and reimbursement, as a percentage of revenue, as total dollar cost or on a cost-per-day basis
  • See clinical notes and recommended precautionary measures

When it comes to cost-effective practices, risk management, and optimal patient care, the capability to accurately forecast and plan care strategies can be critical. Omniview gives facilities the most accessible, informative, in-depth tools in the industry, allowing facility staff to have the information that they need to make better decisions, sooner. And that's a capability that will mutually benefit the facility, as well as every resident under the facility's care.

Reference Library

Omniview provides the latest editions of a wide variety of references. Whether its questions about closing and interactions, safety issues, or procedures with unfamiliar drugs, staff have answers at their fingertips with Omniview's reference library.

  • Clinical Pharmacy Services
  • Drug Information
  • Medicare Part D Resources
  • Monthly Newsletters
  • Pandemic Flu Customer Resource Center
  • IV Infusion Policy & Pharmacy Procedure Manuals
  • Medication Safety (Boxed Warnings)
  • Material Safety Data Sheets
  • Facility Formulary Library
  • Drug Recalls & Notices
  • State Operations Manual Information

Reports and Analysis

Financial reporting in Omniview gives facility staff important perspective on pharmacy costs. Many reports highlight trends and can even project mid-year estimates and reconcile data from different budget periods. Reports offer strategic global and long-range views into facility finances, and provide windows into utilization details and patient transactions. Larger organizations with multiple locations will benefit from Omniview's ability to show data for the entire organization or for particular units.

Omniview's aggregated clinical and financial management reports show facility staff the impact of implemented cost-saving measures over time. Omniview stores and calculates important measures on up to 15 months of rolling financial and clinical data.

The facility's current Consultant Pharmacist report - and all previous reports - are always available on Omniview. View online or print as needed.

  • Interim Medication Regimen Reviews
  • Monthly Drug Regimen Reviews
  • Monthly Visit Summaries
  • Trend Reports

Prescription medications are a large cost, but Omniview helps facilities control those costs with detailed utilization reports that highlight several key measures:

  • See clearly where the bulk of pharmacy budget goes
  • Sort by the number of transactions to identify possible over-utilization
  • Quickly find the exact medication needed
  • Drug indications and links to individual patient transactions are available directly from Omniview utilization reports

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