Staff Tools & Support

Our hands-on solutions address both clinical and administrative staff needs so you can spend less time working in complicated systems and more time focusing on resident care.

Connected Care Navigation

It’s important to work with a pharmacy that is prepared to help you optimize efficiency and your residents’ medication management experience. To meet the varying needs of our customers, we've developed strategic relationships with EHR systems and actively partner with industry leading EMR/ eMar software providers to establish interfaces that enable unidirectional and bidirectional transmission of pharmacy information.


Connecting communities to pharmacy to maximize efficiency and improve care

Omniview is a secure, web-based environment that makes managing pharmacy activities easy and convenient for your staff, helping them to optimize efficiency and reduce costs.  As a central connection point between your community and pharmacy, Omniview has specialized tools and capabilities designed specifically for each function within your community.  Both clinical and business users will have a stress-free way to communicate and collaborate with the pharmacy without disruption to community operations – affording them more time to devote attention to caring for residents.

Omniview provides total access to:

  • Easy to use tools
    • Check drug costs, refill medications, process returns and destructions, manage census and invoices and proactively reduce non-covered charges, easy access to OmniPlanFinder
  • Complete Transparency
    • Track order status, proactively manage new admissions and view resident profiles
  • Reporting and Resources
    • Utilize interactive clinical and financial reporting and reference materials to monitor utilization and manage community expenses


Omnicell, our state-of-the-art automated dispensing unit, can be used alongside modern medical carts designed to optimize patient care. Giving your staff faster access to medications so that whenever that all-important first dose or emergency medication is needed, it makes available what you need. These systems not only aid in regulatory compliance and security, but also help increase quality of care for your residents through:

  • Faster access to first doses, emergency medications and new medication orders — no need to wait for special deliveries.
  • Better availability of medications for dynamic drug regimens of higher acuity patients.
  • Improved patient care may boost referrals and create a more positive and trusting experience for residents and their families.

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