Resident Tools & Support

As your pharmacy partner, we provide your residents with an array of innovative tools designed to save them money, contribute to their wellness and fit their lifestyle and needs.


OTC Advantage Program

Our program provides an affordable and safe alternative to managing OTC medications, including: 30-day, single dose, generic OTCs that have been pharmacist checked, packaged and delivered directly to the community.


Makes managing pharmacy activities easy for residents and responsible parties (RPs).

When residents choose Omnicare as their pharmacy provider, they can take advantage of MyOmniview, a secure web portal that provides residents and their RPs with access to intuitive tools and resources to effectively manage pharmacy activities. MyOmniview also provides an added benefit to the community staff allowing more time dedicated to resident care by decreasing the time it takes to work through resident issues that ultimately delivers higher satisfaction with the overall stay at the facility. 

Through MyOmniview users have access to:

  • An interactive Message Center to view notifications and alerts regarding the resident’s pharmacy care details
  • Electronic invoice and bill pay to monitor pharmacy spending
  • Resident medication records
  • Submit questions and concerns directly through MyOmniview or call at 1-855-538-6664 to speak to a resident support specialist
  • Easy access to OmniPlanFinder


In addition to our larger web-based worksite, we have OmniPlanFinder, a web portal that’s designed for residents and responsible parties to more easily find the most cost-effective Medicare Advantage or Medicare Part D plan. This proprietary tool identifies the most cost-effective prescription drug plan and simplifies what can be an overwhelming Medicare enrollment process. 

Learn more about OmniPlanFinder

Community vaccination clinics

Together with CVS® Pharmacy we have expanded capabilities to offer your community on-site vaccination clinics to residents and staff.

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